Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dream of the DJ who lost his equipment

The tech he needed
and all the world's time
escaped This Man
as he dozed off
on his mom's couch
dreaming unquiet dreams
of hip hop.
His turntables and
His MPC drum machine
-that he had spilled beer on at shows
that he had beat against his head in a passionate rage
at shows-
was left festering
in a spare dim room
in old rural Minnesota someplace near Duluth.
He got a DUI that year
driving an El Dorado
with outdated plates
in an unseasonably warm
thirty two degree
touring winter.
He was slammin down his third OE forty ounce
swerving, our dude jolted onto the shoulder
then into a tree,
there the cop found him,
a slightly chubby deejay in a ditch
on the road
with only a semblance of a mission.

Rudy bailed him out
two days later.
In exchange he gave Rudy the DJ equipment he was touring with
and caught the Megabus home.
Rudy was always curious about the art form,
the effortless use of pre made beats
booming bass over a PA.
Rudy had had enough of this man,
enough of these desperate calls,
So he finally ditched the friendship
but kept the equipment.

Now our old homie
sleeps on his mom's comfy couch
dreaming of new turntables
between two part-time jobs
In Des Pere
where the river is a drainage ditch
and there a bunch of dreams
on myriad mom's couches
by various different sons.


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