Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Schizophrenia (Behind every locked door is another door)

Behind every locked door is another door
and behind that door is the dream world,
with it's dream languages,
and so forth.
It is a world to which I have a special access.
It twists ardously in disorder,
and illuminates with a dark light,
it is the butthole of the spiritual world
and it shits out only pain.

There is a place even the ARTISTS
don't really go
or don't really wanna go.
It is beyond an abstract spacial contortion,
and it is beyond a faux-indeginous stylized shaman.
It is the man who has plumbed his innermost debths.
Fucking Insanity.  Bare Madness,
no fancy special trappings
that make your Art or New Age Healing
more "meaningful".

I have seen the cobras of woe
twisting themselves about my thighs
in anxious Community College suburban bed.
My parents were the worst vampires.
I would shake until I really vomited out the madness,
these terrible contortions my dad said were like from The Exorcist.
I stumbled through this world a young man,
bright eyed, radical and terrified.
I have made it through with raw pharmecuticals and love
to some new language
of calm

There is a plain of roses
and flourishing bees,
fauna and no shudder of real demon death gripping my limbs.

I know this sounds improbable
But there is a terror in my dreams
A writhing nightmare
that is not (neccesarily) a horror story.

I could just only call it
My life as a Schizophrenic.


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