Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


for my poetry 101 class, I was asked to write a poem from the perspective of an alien abductee in an amusement park.  The poem should be informed by the abductee experience, however, not outright say what happened...I felt I was well qualified to write such a poem...

In the simmering salty summer
I got nauseas on the ferris wheel. 
I knew then
Something wasn’t right.
I expected those bright lights like God
To beam down again any second
And the weird opera music to start re-playing.
I was stuck in that Pynchon novel
 I could only dimly remember
-A screaming comes across the sky-
And then what? And then?
The salty cigarette I’d lit hung limp and broken
From my quivering lips
As the wheel like a slow weirdly inverted carousel
Wavered, and I felt all at once the terror in its slow lunge.
I never fit in-
Not once,
So no one noticed
When they took me away.
A catholic at heart, I recognized my maker
In those bright-burning lights
Off the side of HWY 17 outside New Paltz.
They dropped me here when they were finished with me
In a two bit amusement park
A half-hearted place called “Joyland”.
Oh the goddamn luck.
One time,
When I was high on LSD I thought the little green men were after me,
But this time, there was no drug I could blame.
I think the Gods gave me PTSD
And left me here
Hanging anxious and pitifully
From the ferris wheel
At this goddamn motherfucking Joyland.


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