Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pointless Philosophy of the Future

2013 may very well go down as the year of the List. I remember a time, just a decade ago, when Lists were reserved for things like Groceries, Laundry and Cleaning. An efficient way of keeping track of tasks with a manual updating system of crossing them off as we went. But now, every magazine, every blog, all television channels, most media period is related to us, the Public, in List form.
This doesn't piss me off. I don't view it as oppressive to the Artists or the News Stories it shrinks down to a digital window with finite scrollspace. I don't give a shit about Artists or News Stories, they are either Full of Themselves, Full of Shit or both, depending on who you ask. I'm just sayin, Look at Us, we're putting everything into Lists now.
That said, I believe Lists will have quite a few years of Glory and Success as a way of covering the Everysphere of Interconnectedness that is the Screen World. And I don't believe they will become obsolete because we will Evolve to some New Plane of the Everysphere. I don't think they will go away because we decide that Venn Diagrams are a more efficient way of covering what's been going on. I think we're more likely to have the Internet Blow Up and/or RFID chips implanted inside our necks for the Ultimate Endless Scroll of the Eye before we do anything but Random Shit.
I just think that one year, it's gonna be 20-too many, and no one will want to make, read or diss a List that long. My guess is somewhere after 2050, because Top 50 Lists don't really have a higher number challenger until Top 100. But for some reason, I got this hunch about The Slump of 2038, which Lists never quite recover from.
Stay Tuned and Happy Holidays


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