Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

north st louis

outside that little liquor store
in north st louis
he saw the man
in the wheelchair
with the wad of cash
and wanted so bad to steal some
it would have paid for his part of the
tour he half jokingly

back at the party
i saw him
empty handed
except for a few colt 45s
they all went dancing
into the hot night.

i recall--
just having that woodstove
and all that scrap wood
from the ministry woodworkers
to burn,
you can't hook up gas heat
in a squat.
that christmas eve
my car wouldn't start
as the ice and snow
coated the ground,
willy tried to help me jump it
with his old dakota truck
but it didn't work
and i didn't go into work
at the bakery.

i remember a spring-like day in february
i walked around the blocks
almost made my way down to the river
to watch oil-heavy barges
float down the mississipi
it was like 70 degrees
the sky glowed bright blue and hot pink
all those desolate shrubs seemed so promising
-the houses glinty brick red
i couldn't help
but get a tallcan
at the liquor store
and no red-light security alarm went off
i smelled the white castle
walking home
thinking damn what a nice day
and my roommates have hearts of gold.



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