Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

that memory

to live inside those memories
gettin drunk
around the fire
breaking branches
snapping twigs
being too shy
but making it thru
to see the end
of the
-next morning yr hangover shocks you like a coldwater bath
but you hang onto the sense
of the night before
in yr bones
of the night before
-all those swirling giddy people
and you feel it
in you
the swirling
of that memory.

we mention the moves
of history
as it inches along
and get excited
at the possibility
of seeing it all
play out.

i remember the vending machines of my past
those candy bars inching along the coils
that got stuck
and never reached the food dispenser
at the bottom.

those folks in the streets of st louis
shouting for justice---
was i one of them?
was i there among them all?

a factory farm in rural missouri
that my uncle owned
and i'd see all those turkeys clustered about
we'd eat the birds for thanksgiving
what did i feel?

are our memories too pedantic
when we're not drunk?
-----all those litmags i never submitted too
i didn't want to submit

those car-rides on kingshighway
those metro stop stations---
folding into the tiny crevices
of memory.

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