Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, October 11, 2013

st louis; playoff edition.

what are these roots that clutch
out of the stony rubish
of baseball rivalries and discarded
so many devolopers,
but they'll suck the blood of the city
for sure.
is this place uninhabitable like the moon?
that's racist bullshit
and i've still yet to be murdered
knock on wood.
like they say
flowers blooming out of
unuterrable concrete,
and we can't all move to small towns
just yet.
while monsanto wants yr blood,
we'll still grow.
and who says poets can't live in st louis
such mortar
so many rimz,
so i shop at shop n save
and no we dont have organic food banks.
well behind the times,
we'll create our own times,
and the good times
in this cold streets
we are running down,
we fix up buildings
not lay them waste
if you build into the abyss long enough
you'll have a house
regardless of colorful cultural commentary on the web.
how many punx does it take
to cross the street in the ghetto?
well just don't get hit by a bus then.
brick red bullastrades
climbing the rusted stairs to heavan
and chicken wing custard
smeared all over kingshighway.
it doesn't matter if yr hipper than all that,

well this is where i live.

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