Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

on the avenues were they all spend money,
i walk and feel wiped out
but refreshed.

   that storm last night
just went to town on the fuckin trees
and knocked over all those traffic cones.
geez it was pretty brutal.
my cat was stuck out in the rain
pulsating and wet.
we barely got home in time
all the windshield wipers in this city
that were in overdrive,
and the lightning oh the wicked crackling lightning.
all those quivering telephone poles
and the nearly shattered earth.

as i woke up
i knew that she had gone last night
on a 3am car ride to belville.
--oh that shattered earth beneath the telephone poles
the wet cat gyrating off his wetness
-that fucking mud.
but the flowers are watered i say to myself.

the highway was packed for some reason
coming over that bridge
into shining st louis
as she drove back
said she could hear her heart breaking
-that was just over the phone.

yes-the sun is shining now
its true
and a luscious 76 degrees today
all those hangovers dissolving into the morning's mist.
some parts of the city smell like moss and dareisay roses
     -she came back.

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