Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

----in the lost dog of academia i wonder,
the halls shiver everytime that i look at my tattoos
my tan skin against the white walls
and huck finns infinite boatride
into a formidable southern abyss
is analyzed.

-----in the halls of the drunks
i have yes i have been there
and ill say i've taken a shot of whiskey
yes i have
where my girlfriend bums cigerattes on rainey
nights outside, they are all quitting smoking tomorrow.
soon we say, we'll cut back on the booze and spend less money.

----with the hounds of misery sniffing my ass
i ran several years ago out of bonds
on the big touchdown pass,
now everything is planned and perfect
i would say that i enjoy life
in line, never thought i would
but here i am with the groceries.

-----sitting alone with my laptop i have sat
sopping wet from showers,
cold outside of winter's coffeeshops,
and there is, lemme tell ya,
just sooooooo much information out there.

-----and i could tell you were a man of constant sorrow too-
right from the git,
write from the get go-
we took that trip
into america's east coast
i was psychotic
you were sick
and that wasn't even close to the main drama event.
i recall
driving through pensylvania at nighttime on that old church bus
we used for our band
huge cliffs with insurmountable houses perched ontop
after a gig
oh that deep nightness,
i think we were leaving pitsburgh
yr brother was still hanging out with us
everybody else in the band
was asleep on the bus
i think yea we talked?
was that it?
we were always the only ones talking
while everyone slept in back.
you drove all the way to that wreck of an island,
and we talked me you often yr brother
it was really somethin
new york city
manhattan was it?
through such traffic as i'd never seen
you drove through it
with finesse
and it was such a wreck,
that tour,
we were livers of life
you drove pretty much the whole way back
and lest i remind you
we made it back.

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