Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

red almost dream

while the ants devour
the oak trees of my thighs
the band plays ophelia
and the pretty people
circle around my front yard.
lush with colors of the defeated county,
into a swirling escholon
of red wonderment.
the coffee table beckons the collie
the apples hurtle onwards
into cosmos, cosmos, cosmos.
the poems are sparse,
the poets, sparser,
but we'll all be devoured by nature reserves
at the end of time.
just a short walk to the park
and an ever-so-slightly-longer
walk to the ghetto
and the dark brick mouth breathes.
she will walk in the door soon
bright and mermaid blonde hair,
i'll welcome her with a smile and a beer
and we'll drink it like it was fall
and the ebb and flow of the shortest moments
wisping us away to the consequences of our social skills,
i'll remember it all where it belongs,
in a red dream
with tumbling leaf eyes
and a visage of love and revolt,
green tendered hair
and ochre fingernails.
hallellujah, right? anyhow?

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Jenica Strife-Burgos said...

Love the way this one ended.