Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the awful truth

Whether yr job sucks
 yr unemployed or livin the bohemian dream
Living on disability like me might seem like a pretty keen scheme.
But before you say that let me make ya see
Livin on disability aint all its cracked up to be.
You party with cras and he seem so normal
But it has been far worse before I knew ya
Caught battling this awful schizophrenia
Horrible voices, visions and psychotic mania.
Still impressed with my little bit o skrill,
Well don’t forget everyday I gotta swallow my heavy med pill.
You might party wit cras and think he just fine,
That might be true now, but not long ago I was at the end of my line.
Now I feel good and that’s ok,
Plus money in the bank while you slave for a wage.
That might suck for you
Cus  while you bussin tables or behind the bar
I might be readin, drinkin or cleanin my car
But before you yet think me a fortunate son
And you wish with wage labor you could be done
And I have so much free time that seems so free,
Sometimes I got so much time that my eyes just bleed…
Time to reflect time to get upset
Tho true -time to write lyrics and time to read.
But even me,
I be considering trading in this life of ease and mindful anarchy,
My time into money or maybe a degree,
Am I giving in am I not dropping out,
See its frought with contradictions within yr convictions
But believe this world plus my condition still make me scream and shout
When im just tryin to lead my life
Get a piece of mind and a tiny piece of mine
Don’t you dare say I be selling out.
Plus when the revolt flares up youll still find me there
Out and about
 You say that’s your tax dollars goin towards my sloth
Well you know what I say that u can  just fuck off.
Yr money also goes to endless casualties of endless war
So don’t look at me funny everytime I make a charge on my foodstamp card.
Im just trying to recover live simple and make my way
While yr cash goes to prop up empire and bomb a foreign place.
This is all I get plus it aint no scam
If you object go jump into a third world warzone for uncle sam.

It might not be revolutionary but I gotta say
We make compromises every single day
Even if yr unemployed or wish you could be,
Take heed when you feel yourself get jealous of me
And my tiny income for my disability.

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