Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

So sick, Like
Actually nauseous
of all the clocks
ticktick tocking
its nonsense

Response is: wake up
and feel the cool breeze
on my back&my face&
my chest&my knees

shit aint easy
and i didnt think
it would be but
damn me if i dont
live a life that is
pleasing, please, see

all it ever means is
that the ends are
beginnings can be harsh
but i can feel some wounds

been bending over backwards
to prove that my love matters
but now id rather break it up 
and watch as it scatters

like the Dust Bowl
all thats left is my
Brainskull in the
middle is an eye that
can see the whole
world fold

in on itself and its
a beautiful hell
where Nothing
can help what
Nothing can't tell
just like Nothing
can't be bought if
Nothing won't sell


and i fell into a trap
the only way out is
to never look back
snap this jibberjab
into something i lack
fact is:fiction always
seems a little bit wack
but aint nothing so
strange as these plays
we act

been make believing
trying to get a feeling
im stealing all of them 
back starting this evening

and when the moon shines a glimpse
on the life i've been leading
i will howl like a dog
 until the sky starts bleeding

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