Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


the smiling sublime city,
i could cut the crisp air with a butter knife or a
letter opener,
and i speak of poetry
and crisp dewdrops on the cusp of car bumpers.
they are destroying the taco bells and rebuilding them,
and to each man and lady a vision
of what that means.
we see behind sunglasses
gleaming glowing and shorts
and unnamed birds flit and patter across barfly skies,
into an unfathomable sun
an unquenchable mellow
moonbeams soon follow
and the the last rays
of this hectic abyss
seeing friends on the sidewalk
in moonbeams and yes the streets are dusty,
i will follow you there
we will jaunt over car bumpers
we will jolt this jilted space
the grass is green
the grass is green and slowly
at our boozy escapades and crooked
bicycle wheels.
the roosters still caw
though their kind is thinning
into a slick electronic
i lost my hallucinations in the st louis gutter,
now i amble into sweet no-time
i want to close the bars
and no fights
and an unfolding park
a parkinglot
a parking meter
a meal
a drink
a crisp hit
feet wearing over cracks
the wood floors and the awnings
the stoops and the
the gritty hangover and

the rest is bliss

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Dona said...

Liked this one, too. Love the observations about rebuilding the Taco Bells.