Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, May 20, 2013

saving money/simple economics

i will buy no books from amazon.com,
nor from the archive bookstore (which is closing) nor
dunaway books
tho i feel as if i could use several more
which would get promptly read
esp. since my library card
is racking up fines.

i will buy no food,
not from the grocery store
nor from mochabes cafe
nor blues city deli
nor other assorted diners and themed restaurants in which
one can obtain a sandwhich.

I do not need to buy gas
there is gas in my car,
and besides i think i'll bike
-a record would be nice,
but no i will not buy that either.

i need not spend money or debit/credit on
beer, whiskey,
mixed drinks or a bottle of wine for my girlfriend
to drink,
neither at a grocery store
liquor retail outlet
nor dive bar or concert venue or other
bar establishment.
we were pretty drunk last night
and need a night off.

i have drank two cups of coffee
however i could use one more
and under the economic pressure
of these economic times
and in the midst of my economic plight
i might buckle under the pressure and spend
one dollar and fifty cents
on a mediocre cup
of iced coffee in exchange for a cool place to chill
and nice environment,
for i have roughly six hours to kill,
no other prospects
and have a little extra cash in my
account for such endeavors
after all.

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