Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, April 26, 2013

sonnets written on the ocassion of shakespeares birthday,

read at the way out club on april 23, 2013, in st. louis...

sonnet #1.
communist spectors still haunt the west
i wonder will we reach those farthest shores
no remnants of all the plans we laid best
just potential gleam of aching remorse.

seek life worth living, gentle sollace too
but we sit like zebras behind the bars
in a crazed frenitic human zoo
patchwork souls absorbed in gears of cars.

wisely drowning in the best of booze,
dusty ideals blow in from the eastest of winds,
between steps with hundred dollar shoes
we seek to start, to start; begin again.

We seek animation within good intentions
as we scuttle towards these deep dimensions.

sonnet #2.
As springtime trends towards idle drift
and luscious tvs beam from space,
lush green will catch what tvs miss,
as space disproves its hectic race.

our stanzas hung on the minimal ledge
of springs luscious green abyss
our stanzas hung on the leanest hedge,
cherry blossoms tire treads & yr sweet kiss.

We romantics with such idealistic bents,
but yr face will twist and beam across the sky
as radiant odes of notions more simplistic whence
seabound shrapnell that will rise & fly.

hold me so in spring sun rain,
yea you'll clasp tight thru light and pain.

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