Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Revolutions, Re-evaluations.

1.  We Make the Most of Our Addictions

"I ate ecstacy for about eight months straight
but it really does start to put holes in yr brain",
at the bar he says
four beers deep.
"It's all about altered states"
one of my ex's used to say
body leaning over the old mattress to snort
My current lady thinks I need to ween myself off coffee,
but the fingers reach towards the french press
towards an unresponsive god.

The cars churn their wheels
in a quaint crowded part of town
I take my heavy medicine every morning
hoping for a localized response,
hoping for "a life worth living"
as Uncle Tupelo would say.

2.  Hungry In Public

I dream of free food
made available to the public
all the time
cus I've been stressing about money.
I envision endless tuna & saltine crackers.
Paninis that I could just have.
Rump roast
even though I'm not really sure what that is.
I talked to one fellla at a bonfire
who raised bunnies to slaughter them,
for meat I suppose
"they let out a crazy scream " he says,
right before they die I suppose he means.
I dream of hot lentil soup with carrots
even though I'm not sure if I even like lentils,
chicken quesadillas
infinite foccaccia with olive oil.
All while I drink my gourmet coffee
on an empty stomach.

3.  Dreams of a Conclusion

Last night
I dreamt of anarchist-primitivist critiques
of artisinal crafts.
You could literally critique anything,
that's how far gone everything is.
Critique yrself into a revolutionary coma
in this place
where everything
seems wrong.
But what rock
do we find solace under
during this vast torrent.
My pen scribes,
--and snow blizzards.
     we are stuck between action,
idea, and hunger.
Unlikely adjectives indeed,
but in a world where radical literary theory
isn't enough to cope
when the people all have computer screen eyes
and i still have schizophrenia,
all too apt.


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