Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

high school friends.

he makes his way
from suburb to suburb
from his parents house
to college
to dropout
through various restaurant
and cooking for restaurant jobs
eventually to south city, st. louis
where he has always listened to indie rock
his roommate climbed the annals of college,
a creative writing major..

i went to their house for a party
it was a pretty decent apartment,
by my standards
they had unicorns and bon iver posters
and a big upstairs library
with frank oharas collected poetry
and i thought, geez i have that same book.
my new(er) friends
who had been my friends for a while
thought it was awkward but i was having a good time
and someone i truly hadnt seen since high school
who was getting married
saw me and finally after hours recognized me,
hadnt recognized me cuz of my hugeass beird
and cutoff summer tee
greg gave me a big ass hug
and fingered my beard
and geez they drank a lot two
i had to wake up at seven
for my delivery job
at the only collective in town,
i swerveningly gave my new(er) friends a ride home
and went back to my squat
in n. st louis
to sleep it off.

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