Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dream Shopping

He awakened grinding his teeth, shivering cold with stiffness.

The night before, he and his brother had been out shopping. Yes, shopping. Just picking up a few things they needed. They attended the usual fluorescent caves of product, your Targets and your Goodwills, mammoth places built where trees and animals once lived. Now, the stench of death was on all the concrete walkways, but this was just a regular night of shopping. His brother had dropped his phone two days prior, a fancy touch-screen with all the virtual amenities, and needed one last stop to get the right price. The phones, it seemed everywhere they went, were being phased out for Integrated Chips, the type the boy had always feared. His brother was not interested and asked how much just a regular phone with no dapper to it would cost. 
"500 dolla" said the old Asian man behind the counter. The boy suspected he was old because he never knew how old Asian men past 30 were. They aged very well in his eyes.
"500 dolla?" his brother mocked.
"You heard me, take or leave." said the clerk. 
"Let me mull it over and check if I even have that much" the brother had become a bit impatient.
He walked over to the racks on the wall of the small store as the Asian man started helping other customers with his rude tone and false smile. The boy did not immediately talk to his brother, knowing that he would be frustrated and wanting to avoid that energy for as long as possible. They had a long ride ahead of them, although it had not seemed that way when they left to go shopping. 
The futuristic store held three kinds of products: phones, phone accessories and expensive sunglasses. His brother was at the rack of expensive sunglasses, seemingly mulling over the $500 offer in quietude, because no one bought expensive sunglasses anymore. The boy noticed his brother picking up a few pairs, keeping them close to his body. He wouldn't steal something so frivolous, but instead was breaking the bridges of the glasses methodically. The boy saw the clerk heading in that direction to help another customer. He yelled out his brother's name a couple times to try and stop him before the altercation occurred. He failed. It went something like this:
"What you doing, boy?"
"Who me? Oh, uh, I don't want your $500 phone, I was just leaving." his brother replied. 
"No you not. You broke my glasses! You will pay!"
They squared off. The old Asian man knew martial arts, his brother was much stronger and knew some techniques of his own. The boy ran over to attempt to distract and diffuse. Meanwhile shoplifters walked out with the latest gear for free.
"Get off my brother, scumbag!" The boy yelled. And he began kicking the man. With that, his brother unfurled from the clerk's grasp and took off running. The boy stayed around kneeing the clerk in the stomach multiple times until he seemed down and out. He ran to meet his brother in the car or the parking lot. 
His brother had the car running and pulled up, saying, "Hop in. Let's roll."
The boy obliged, but didn't realize the Asian man had snuck in the back door during the commotion. 
There was a brief moment where the Asian man had them convinced there was nothing they could do, as the 3 drove down a relatively crowded night highway in no particular direction but down. 
"Haha, bastards, I got you now. You cowards are going down!"
The boy turned and looked. 
"We have a father, and surely ain't afraid of no rude little servant boy."
He and his brother locked eyes. The boy grabbed the clerk and opened his door, heaving a grown man from a moving car at 55 miles per hour. It was not as easy as in the movies, but his adrenalin rush proved to be enough. 
There was a quiet calm in the car. No one had screeched to a halt behind them yet. This was good. They did seem to be driving down an infinite hill. This was probably just metaphorically bad.
"I'm sorry for when this catches up to us." the boy mentioned to break the silence.
"Soon. We'll be sorry if this catches up to us soon. But we'll find a way to make it all work. Let it be for now." his brother had always been wise beyond his ears.

He awakened grinding his teeth, shivering cold with stiffness.

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