Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, January 11, 2013

by Twenty Twenty?

Landlords digging thru garbage for treasure
Businessmen in 10-year-old $3,000 suits, perusing syringes and pissed-on-pillows for a bite to eat
Doctors who can't pay medical bills
Lawyers behind bars, begging for a second fruit cup
Politicians denied the right to vote
Actors featured solely on closed-circuit television
Christians cowering to the Magickal Monks of Piece of Mind
Gangsters stuck-up for change in broad daylight by Frail Old Womyn
Poor Black Kids intellectualizing a Professor's lament
Sexual Deviants held in the highest regard
Gypsy Sluts laughing at Shivering Pimps in the cold
European Muslims funneling Kings & Queens to the Ghettos
Cafes paying Artists to sit and drink coffee
Punks in khakis and collared shirts
Cops exiled to live on Plastic Bottle Islands in the Pacific
Herbalists in Computer Labs
Tech Nerds in the Forest
the World Series played to the Death with Cement Bats
Cosmologists observing Ants
Skinhead Rockabilly Kids sipping only the finest ales from Belgium
Commercial Fishermen drowning in sand in Arizona
Wild Horses praying to Buffalo Gods
Google tracked everywhere it goes, Nowhere to Hide



this fucking awesome. one of my favorites by you in the last while...

bonus bookie said...
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