Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

stupid Beatles song on the stupid radio

if only upstairs felt the way i describe it to friends.
if only these upstairs weren't such a glaring sign that i am no longer down
stairs and if only hairs were cares, i'd have a face full of them, to match my ears full of wax
poetic devices, if only i knew ye, i'd use it to my fullest, fullness being something i am obviously missing
you, if only you, if only i'd bit my tongue here, or said what i really meant there, you might be here
here where if only i'd gotten a wink of sleep, if only we hadn't started a silly late-night conversation that got my mind to racin, one you'll probably have a hard time recalling, if only cuz yr busy
as a bee but not b word, if only my anger and rage could be tamed into such insults
but i do not feel anger and rage at anyone but me, if only i could punish that sad sack sucker once
and for all who sleep easy, pull mad breezies without feelin sleazy, if only you knew
there ain't enough derp in the world to snerp this through
not enough drugs, enough weed, enough brew
to do what we all agree i need to do: "Get Back to Where You Once Belonged"
with or without you

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Anonymous said...

This is a really great poem, I love the word choice you used along with the words you chose to rhyme with the others. Great work, I feel the exact same way.