Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


let me tell u a tale of dark epic proportions
if u think my disability skrill is o so rewardin
for this story involves neither fame nor fortune
how my brain gets lost in so much distortion!

if u wonder about those who burn so bright
so close to the sun then they plummet from sight
i've seen so much thatd make u lose it in fright
cold sweats and screams from the depths of the night!

psychiatry psychiatry
am i anti-psychiatry
psychiatry psychiatry
am i anti-psychiatry?!

brutal twists from a twisting brain
yet other days i seem so sound and sane
if they give me the pill what would remain
would i still sing these brutal refrains?

stuck battling in a mental war chasm
pain so explicit i can barely imagine
i used to fall on the floor in the wildest of spasms
waking nightmares my friend have u ever had them?

psychiatry psychiatry?!

 my diagnosis still seems like a waking dream
some far-out conspiracy psychiatric scheme
but look on my records, schizophrenia is what they mean.
now neorosis isn't as easy to explain as it seems
a boy born beneath a maligned sign with a not-so-subtle pyschotic disease
crass, what have you been doing today?
just staying in bed watching shadows dance, talk and play
but the neorosis doesnt always stick--
some days it waxes and wanes
so i'll always be tantalized by some sort of saner way to stay

psychiatry psychiatry
am i anti psychiatry?!
psychiatry psychiatry?

 my mind twists like the wind in fragmented shattered pigments,
for me,
everyday is a mental war, no one can tell me no different,
so i go through the motions, split on mental faultlines
long gone goes the sense of linear time
just another hour by hour play by play of a desperate, reeling mind
where the medicine i hate gives me the only stability i could hope to find

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