Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, November 5, 2012


to the mall
smoke weed in the parking lot,
to underneath the highway overpass bridge
smoke weed under there,
to the railroad tracks
wander and look for hellhounds
Go to coffeeshop
   sip for enlightenment
      Go to the
long for revolt.

wear a sweater in the fall,
     shorts in the late spring
and a heavy coat in the winter.
power yrself,
not using nukes,
      look;  find--
    Find a
     Get yr priorities straight or
wander.    Strain for
the poem but don't break yr back kid.
----bust at the seams.
eat lunch
eat dinner
but don't forget breakfast.
Scorn riches;
Scorn poverty if possible.
Me; still writin'
on food stamps.
      on the Move
or settled Down
feeling to feel it just to feel
don't be late;
always on time
on point, ; eat
yr gods, tastes good.

Kill yr idols,
but read them as well.,
                    first and reincarnate.

      Creating , and, infinitesimal equations
but don't know no answers.
Don't be late,
Be so different,
Preach void!
looking for a contingent.

Thoughts on the exodus, exegesis of a fall season.

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