Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

planetary bliss machine

what could explain this dearth,
this, how few love poems i've written to you
oh lover who in the non-poem world i so vehemently champion?
maybe it is not the most valiant subject matter,
but no,
it is.
maybe i am a bashful one,
well perhaps tha'ts a bit true
but is no excuse,
however maybe it is diffuse
that subject i long for
as the long armies of night
standing at bey to the sweet whisper of yr song-voice.
no song i would transcend in front of
could describe this phenomena,
that low radiator hum of desire
i have set beside myself
just to pay you the greatest & humblest homage.
here, no i am adding this to the subterranean centrifuge of tribute
you my as-of-here unnamed dearest
are apple definitely of my bluest eye
true slayer of fears
true parting of seas
as well,
ultimate calmer of my worlds
planetary bliss machine
anonymous love letter that is signed
-the both of us,
long journeying companion.
guide me this long-ass run
you can surely keep up
and could surge forth if you wanted,
but here we are
keeping stride together amidst it all
ready to pace side by side for the length of it...

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