Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the end?

Scientific thiestic liberation? or sweeping up cockroaches in nuclear revolution?
The scent of restaurants on the avenues
another prized plight on pay-per-view
as summer's sleek sweat gives way to fall's red-leaf-musk.
A midwest greeting card;
a pile of dusk and a pile of rust
a pile of dust and a pile of musk.
...Anarchy in the streets! Police state in the streets!
tensions in the revolutionaries mind's eye over Deep Breathely beats!
They r smoking joints for higher consciousness
they smoke doobies to forget
i drink coffee for an elevated writers block
And we all drink mushroom tea for the Dead!
We still run a pig for congress
and make veiled politikill threats
live outside of corpse time
smoke some eyelids for our Dead!
Merry ghosts congregate in Mammoth Lakes--
we are all wingnuts in space--
-time decays
live outside it OK?
greenwashing back to the soul of ground that belonged to past peoples
nice stupid attempt attempting to green-up evil!
So on a sunnyshining day
in civilizations decrepiting first world nations
Ride a chopper into the end of time
; feel cool death's purchasing power
the sun burns thru
our petty ozone attempts
asking us, is this the best world possible?
It's worth a try sez the owl
as the sepulchre inches lurching slowly  underground
As change's ever-mystery
becomes ever-more topical
and perhaps midnight rears its slow head around.
Well sho nuff we'll reap the rewards of what's been done is done?...
thru the heat thru the chill thru the wind thru the mount thru the hill
thru the stars thru the clouds thru the moon &thru the suns.
well sho nuff we'll reap--whats been done is done.

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