Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, July 6, 2012

proof and Achievement

so i will Boldly Achieve
and write a poem.
in commeration
of how utterly obsessed i was.
soul wrenched upon page
with such easy lonesome pain.
thats how it was
and still might be
in my midnight lonesome waking hour.
but lonesome rarely now
with woman-partner
friends in the double digits
and commune awaiting me
at close and begenning
of my lazy days.
tho how i would ache
and sexualize and spiritualize my achievements of angst.
of discernment and growth anger.
Do i not still grow?
oh i do grow.
i seethe and boil still
tho writing slows
((tho not to standstill)...,
satisfaction and comradery still slowly
incline throughout the years
through mystery of shared struggle.
but the woes shudders terrors still sometimes haunt
and could return at any minute
tho yea did i ever used to have it so much worse
for a suburban white straight male kid
you wouldn't believe
what i've seen or not seen
the tremors that passed through my brain.

am i happy?
well and reasonably so
do i still venture?
am i still writing searching and seething?
this is my offering of proof
may it serve the gods well.


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