Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

scene or be seen

in the beginning was the word, and the word begat creation and it was good.  folks created art, and it was for themselves and their own personal satisfaction and it was good.  and folks were angry about the cruelty of evil and it was a righteous and divine anger and it was good.  then folks got tempted and started to create and protest so that others would see how creative and right they were and then it soon became a scene.  folks have toiled with scenes long throughout the ages since then, some trying to rid themselves of scene dynamics, others attempting to embrace scenes and making them multiply...thusly it is said...

who are they?
i've never seen them before
who are they they don't belong here
lets kick 'em straight out the door
cus its a sceeeeene baby!!!!!
look at me
i'm so special
you've never scene this before
i've got coverage
from local mags
and won a few hip awards
cus its a sceeeeeene baby!!!!!
guess my genre!
oh wait you can't
it's so fucking obscure
but we all do it
we are all guilty
of scene politics no subculture is pure
 cus its a sceeeeeene baby
cus its a sceeeeeene baby

i read wolfi
i like noise
you've never heard of me before
but soon enough you will i'm sure
cus its a sceeeeene baby
cus its a sceeeeene baby

now listen to me
i've been in a scene or two
and i walked around
wanted validitation
yea i had something to prove
found it quick
we're all just stuck in high school
some back stab
some are jaded
others are falsely enthused
some are indifferent
some stroke your ego
others are fucking assholes to you
cus its a sceeeene baby
its a sceeeeeene baby

i hate politics
i just book shows
and drink lots of beer
were all just waiting
for nuclear apocalypse
theres nothing to fear.

now i play it cool
(but not that cool)
still go to a party or bar here and there
i've even been known
to still go to SHOWS
with you know who at you know where

its still a sceeeeeene baby
its still a sceeeeeeene baby
its a sceeeeene baby
scene or be sceeeeene bbaby

but trying for capitol, whether its social scene capitol or that promised door cover money that will finally pay for all yr fancy gear will get you know wherenow scenes come in all shapes and sizes, and some would argue that as long as there's subculture or marginilized art and politics its unavoidable.  but the best thing you can do when navigating the vast river of horse shit that is scene politics is keep a good head on your shoulders, stay true to your gut and keep your (likely to be only a few) true friends and partners by your side at all costs.  
now go forth and scene or be seen!!!!!

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