Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

time in the morning
to look at life laid before me
like a jezebel mistress
there is no witness
to the power of my
imagination, waitin
for the day when i leave
this incarnation
in a living space-age-nation
failure only comes if
ya lose yr patience
so take this
as a waking-hour seance
a morning meeting with
the maker of nothing but
the good stuff
i look hard enough
but the cuff upon my collar
keeps me from biting off my
tongue, before i say a word
i take a toke into my lungs
love, love, love
is nothin but a song sung
and then the bell rung
i heeded to its toll
went searching for the tower
and found nothing but the troll
he said ive waited here for you
now come give me yr soul
he didnt realize i gave it
to a woman long ago
she was a woman of the waters
stealing wishes from the dead
but there was truth in what she said
when she said "its in yr head"
so i cut the whole thing open
and looked out through my mind
only to find that i have been
dreaming this whole time
back to reality
oh, there goes coop she
always smoking weed and
lookin for the big scoop
snoop snoop
like a little dog on a collar
lookin for the next best
thing to make a couple
dollars, holler at me
if you wanna swaller bottles of
cheap gin i guess i ain't ballin
but that word aint even relevant
if i was anything i think
i would be fallopian
i say that with a grin
cause my ma thinks its a sin
for me to love a woman
but thats been my only heaven
yes i'll say that once again, ma
women is my heaven
and if yr jesus wanna speak
he can call, i aint callin him
all i'd say is i knew
some men with yr resemblance
and if you did some DMT maybe
you could capture this : the world ain't
made of anything except for it's own
consciousness, anyone can twist their
words into a sentence the trouble is
thay cant do it with any bit
of truthfulness..
i see, i say, i sigh
and the only thing i
wanna do now is get high..

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