Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, September 12, 2011

chaos within chaos (for jorj)

the best intentions, that this sketch could mention:
live free, then move on to the next dimension
(i'm) not here to spit about some bee-ess-meta-ascension
or puttin any faith in elegant internet inventions
treatin facebook like its a life-extension...

while we're stuck on their time, this iS like detention!
assumption, expectations, what's right?, pretentions
the rise & decline of commodified dissension
this iS the dawn of the fed & internationalism
we could have a world court & a gallactic prison!
let's cut all this shitfit mysticism
talk with the moon, get that magician's rhythm
to: aesthetics, intellect, convention(al), wisdom
get lost, move on, we need some distance with 'em
...set blazes, write pages, eat, steal, rest
& if i'm me, how can you tell me what's best?
armed men on the streets with a badge on they ] chest
cheat the tests, play chess, delete the stress! & end this mess

ever since i can remember they been chokin my collar
stay broke while some blokes would go & croke for a dollar
walk around toked, am i supposed to be bothered?
all these damn objects with their hollowcosts
otherwise, it's all lies, surprises & games, lost
this multiverse iS
chaos within chaos within chaos...

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