Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


note: this iS the poem most influential to my writing, my life, my musick, etc. my brother wrote it about 4 years ago now. it's never been more amazing...

poke at the large hand of freedom's majestic chaos
hard-tosser of nautical prescriptions
supervisory performance-enhanced override of skeptical nightmarish livingscheme assassins
with coordination pending on a refusal to re-up gas-filled proprietors-- or agencies in general
imitating, i am writing a history about nothing & doing
if you are considering reading a book: try first reading the relative pride of a soldier's shoulder
breathing messiah, we breathing men
wired, bleep censored to refuse tags
as a temper-evident weary purveyor of now inhales advertisements
spoiler-ban of multi-donor particle assembly
meeting at a town in my tinsel
thin whistle, subtle silence
at the horizon
as far as light
in a simple whisper of complications
nauseating the hemisquares inbox retainer method
verification of safe, self-inflicted psychology lessons at the 400, level me
an ice cube of past melted in a bathing solar-intake of puzzle-dwelling duplexity strollers
roller skates, phenomenons, hoodlums, street bangers, insidious barfly residue as a snake giga bites ascertain fleshless universe as tactile & nonexistent as the last inception of it
and it it it, it it it, and it and it and it
and it it it
it it it
it it it
showed me that things aren't nothing & nothing iS beyond a fact
sitting in bed, living in my deadtime, typically awake when i should be sleeping, active against my will & ethics when i should be resting or creative
flashes blink a spectacle named breathing
we messiah
boundless uncontrollable & balanced against not
byproduct of some certain types of love
understanding a commitment through graying hair & clenched teeth offwhite oral tombstones below a distorted mirror sky, warm, yet perrenially drenched in moistened poison saying poor choices with a body lacking the act of overcome overcome overcome
tell not
"nothing or war?", the purveyor of how relayed as the doubt crept in deduction & truth exited the meatlocker of pill claims & the efficiency of tipping balances
of what was lost in nothing
or war
when i say nothing lasts, i mean it as a nothingness everlasting
tax-bracket of unknown cash-access
charge to the playtime
throw your grills into a pit & use promethea's evil to liberate your material self
and if anyone would like to finance my freedom
i'll be more than happy to bask in your irony

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