Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, July 11, 2011

with you (for sawyer)

i'm next to you
right there with you
write there with you
feeling no need for needing no need for no need
with you in every blue sky paralyzed by drive-bys
with you, on the radio, in the back seat
my back porch
with you, do you really need to know where?
even if i can't take my eyes off i promise i won't stare
and everyway to put it just makes me scared
with you, the heat index iS 115 & my sweat pours, with you
with you, everytime time stops or i pull the plug on the timeclock
with you, the way illuminati iS with me
always present, never really bothering
with you every jew joke, all the funny looking people walking the streets
with you, talking to me
on a phone
it's not quite you
til it iS & i fall right through
the line
these lines these lines will have to do
with you
your presence in some fries & beer
with you, iS that not what you want to hear?
with you, it sounds strange, feels better
let's kick rocks, if not be together in sweater weather
with you, these are our lives we talkin bout here
i can't lie, sometimes we both doubt fear
i'll make this about clear
open my mouth weird
cry intergalactic mouse tears
with you, we'll get some pizza, some beers, some boys
bottle of hard for you so we can make a bad choice
with you with you, am i being too vague?
i'll be me you be you, we can play shaman & sage
or boy & grrl
you might have to play the man
because if i can't do it, i know that you can
that's bond, the way we do it in the nissan
with you: outkasts, litterthugz takin it eazy
i'm calling spades spades, and it still sounds cheesey
to me
but you know it comes straight from the heart
from beginning to end and back to the start
my feelings could change, yours too in a flash
til then we'll be pirates, taste plenty of ass
we get off together, just as we get on
& neither believes in their rights & their wrongs
i'll write you a poem, stay broke & sing songs
the jokes flow openly we smoke & seemingly get along
with you, in absence, in presence of light
with you in darkness as dark as the night
with you, wait am i getting this right?
you're with me too, aren't you? your bark iS your bite
& mine too
with you with jello right there behind you
i'm off my lid
with you, let's get off this grid
wrap our heads around problems & solutions
terrorists, lovers, bandits in collusion
dance in parking lots get cryphy & shit
remember when i didn't know you liked me a bit?
i walked out, they couldn't fire me, i quit
10 days south blissed out, what an exciting trip
with you, my favorite squid, and two lying dipshits
but hey, we had fun and how could we not?
have i ever told you i used to like nikes alot?
an idea: i'll play rooster, you play hen
i'm with you til the next time i see you again...

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