Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

besides this vast torrent

prelude: there is a certain sort of fear or wrought personal misery, which i find difficult to explain, nor able to ration out in concise and orderly stanzas.

interlude: i was stepping down the sidewalk, and thought all that, a fast unutterable spasm, trigger unknown.

so it occurred to me: I will write a poem, maybe then somehow it will all make more sense.

the wheel which spins and lands on fluctuating cosmos will be re-spun, and god-willing, land on something besides this vast torrent.

I thought, i will inscribe pixelated woe
on the binary code of hidden heavy metal thunder,
i will apply thoroughly, a sharp clench-toothed penchant for destruction
zestfully on petty gentrification.
i will destroy and create and destroy and create
till i wring forth from abysmal tides another universe with the crispest and most profound semantic clarity
and circumstance be damned, all the revelatory knacks which i crave exuberantly to not slip through my fingertips will be exposed open and joyful, exploding possibility through the strained implosion of an impossible mentality.

conclusion: i will wrench a conclusion out of the palms of god
b/c fuck faith
there exists only the hollow shell of action and reaction and action and reaction
then we will have it
the scenes will collide forever
into one astounding whole.

(((thought explosions and implosions))))

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