Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, April 1, 2011

say word

"tomorrow's headline iS gonna be 'the death of another nigga', 'the death of another nigga', that's how it always iS, we cryin for a afterlife, while they just steal this one"
-the fugees, cowboys

the balls it takes for a woman to push an endless line of policia
i watch, intently from abroad
my best friend takes a walk, no politikill discussion aloud
personal raps wrap around mine's mind
where's my soup and water?
there's no such no(thing)
obligatory illogical ontologic
bullshit angrywhite musick blares
we have no way of communication otherwise
and it runs through my head
ample samples
missed bliss
my running inside joke
elder merry prankster rooster doctor melvin bernstein was born on april 1st, 1984
we iS all free
there's no(thing) stopping us
i thought i called or saw psalms on my raw paws, qualmed palms and gnawed small as a thawed 3rd grader at shaw
and there we were
sitting on some porch
doing nothing in particular
or maybe down on the no coast
so slow to go though, as i crept below yer backdoe
spittin sick spit at consumed fumed ignorance
iS bliss
just an excuse to not get with
what we really wanna do, just play the missfit?
just some nitwit
got no patience for patients' herd
i'm more station to spacestation nerd
a third word to rhyme might make time ahead of its time
excuse me, rich sir, you have yours, can i have mine?
hit the rewind if you agree time could use a good bash
a particular path, escape monoconscious politikill maps
ah, we're back
to that same sad I D
uh, influenced at 13, gargoyle, it goes R I P
gutter group of gangsters, it goes LIT t-e-r-th-u-g-z
if you don't know what i mean, here's what it means to me
whose iS this?
and we answer endless questions within the myth, magick trick
no stagnant wrists, i write my shit down
police, please be quite polite, quiet as you leave my town
stay around, it's face down
end this abyss of thoughtless urban sprawl
this iS a stick up! motherfucker, up against the wall!

"misery iS all i see, that's my mindstate
my history with the police iS check the crime rate"
-2Pac, Runnin (dyin to live)

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