Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


in front of the movie theater, she simply asked a question
and for my tired mind to remember exact wording would be weird
weird as this world
three seconds later, i was avoiding i-contact
no more meddling in minding mine's mood
we broke ice, for tea's sake, and pretended to write letters
she said some(thing) along the lines of i write better
but refused specifics when i showed half-interest
pretty sure this happened:
i whispered, "if it could happen in a dream, it could happen right now"
when i meant, 'if it can happen in a dream, it's happening right now'
she stopped.

it wasn't long before they caught up to us
i was never fully convinced we were safe, she wondered if that was the problem all along
writing from a point in the future that hasn't yet happened to hap in the past
at long last, a slow storm passed, we: trashed
and in that moment, trying to be decisive, trying to say "fuck love", there was the proof
no, no, no
there was the theory
and finite answers, applied to infinity, were worth more than the occasional cosmic giggle
here we, one head-exploding with possibility, one head-exploding with sinus issues, talked of life in graveyards

"don't tell me i can't say that!" and i had fallen
it must've been that, i think i heard that
when you hear something, do you always hear it?
can't be quite sure how unsure i was at the time though
so came and went the search, the path
on a patched air mattress in the south wing of my uncle's house
an old crashpad the previous owner used swinging through town visiting his mother
*guerilla patched*
i pondered one thought that as usual took 36 lines to state bluntly:
'darling, i could float on your cloud all day'
but yer at the strip club, and tonight, i'm all jerk and no play

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