Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, April 4, 2011

the eifell tower of insanity.

listen: to charles mingus

have: multiple psychotic breakdowns in a week

right handed headache
morning light is to bright in its lockjawed unblissful consciousness attack.
where are the tourists of insanity now?
i am left abandoned and bewildered on my own island.
huxley; what did you foresee, portend.
vanegiem; what dastardly pleasures did you incant us to murder unto death now for,
and leave us here.

-----preprogrammed cybernetic anxiety.
the jazz plays thick as smog on the burgeoning skyline of euphoric broken dystopic longings.
we have gotten here somehow.
-----wherewherewhere will we go
unto now.

i have saw it all unfold bitter as a watermelon sunset
ripe with the seeds of decay to shed for a horn section.
This will be therapy in the fourth dimension
where cain and abel were the most underhanded politicians bashing each others skulls sharply with m-16 butts during the u.s. invasion of libya till their guts were splayed roundly in the sand for the birds to make food of.
and the civilians were all stunned into submission with the aftermath of decay.

((((if only our expressions could be more clear
we could explain further past these jukeboxed vomited apparitions
into the future of possibility
into some new realm
where all this will all (at long last)
make sense)))
but until then.

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