Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

arbitrary love poem upon being asked by a friend to write one.

to write militant love poetry
in the midst of this ocean of crazed thoughts
and disquietude.
there are storms everywhere
you are an umbrella.
just thinking about little parts of things we have said to each other makes me feel less insane.
i would already apologize for this being too personal and to the point, often a potential tool for embarrassment of sorts
but someday
when i summon up the gumption
i'm gonna spill the beans
i'm gonna tell you all of this.
they say it's cliche to write love poems.
i think that's pretty true
generally they're pretty goddamn annoying
like ill-thought out gossip threads on facebook,
but every once in a while the time strikes
and i find words like this spilling torrential and unassuming out of my wild and subtle thoughts.
you are a rebuttal to all the bullshit
the envy and shit talking that never seems to end
its not that maybe you are necessarily above or below all that
the important part is you make it all better sometimes
things like that not matter so much
i forget myself inside of you
and in forgetting i find myself.
i am nervous about these feelings but it is exciting and neccessary.
suddenly things make more sense, not such a weird mystery anymore
the world's axis is a subtle beast spinning around us.
i think i'm ready to confront that fact if it happens to come up.
i think i'm ready.

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lauren ikon said...

man, that was cute, i think.. haha