Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

strange loop

outside stuck in a strange loop and i can't remember the last time i've seen you these days iS long wrong strong stay strong stay strong the barleywine goes straight to the null skull don't think don't blink don't remember timber falling stalling saying what i have to say push play push pause stop hit the wall hit pause on strife live life give nights to tacos to macho to not yo average opinions decisions indecision different dimensions different intentions same dude same rusty gutter saint loser attitude same person there's no sane person in an insane world pain world bomb world play world stop world worlds stop worlds collide awkward stalker walker driver striver alive world dead world apocalypse culture shop vultures bokk of truth book of lies books iS just books demise rewind we die we eat we sleep we knee deep in three feet of deceit but not six feet under pillage plunder steal rob pay rent pay school pay bills get job broke car dad's car stomach scar on par with stagnant status internet winter gets cold winter gets old so cold so old so bold a statement in so few words rap nerd nap herd last nerve last words snap first bite back fight back tight trap mic grab back on stage rip it kill it tear it to shreds get dead get born get torn strippercore tipper gore guitar riff drums hit hands tremble hit cymbal hit snare hit mouth fuck should i care stuck in machine mind careen time believe rhyme get ride hitch ride switch ride outside stuck in strange loop feedback feedback knee slap tree sap be back in seconds quick smoke quick toke quick joke kid loc wanna be gonna be hunt the sea hunt the sky hunt the earth rebirth rebirth pot to piss stew of shit bliss keep bliss hit miss hit miss speak listen watch hear talk clear play beat hit streets no cars no people no coffee need coffee no offering nail coffin flail often same theme same dream same thing take dive overdrive outside in a strange loop feedback of a feedback i'm back you're gone where where there there stare stare lost cause dog's paws shock awe not gone not gone there there where where fuck should i care last words last nerve rap nerd comic life tragic ending time bending mind bending time ending infinite bliss finite earth rebirth all life must give must live dust hid in cracks in stacks in pacts in tracts thin tracks train ride bus ride car ride outside outside stuck in a strange loop dead cat cat alive inside outside get live get life outside outside outside stuck in strange loop no truth no truth strange loop

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