Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, March 7, 2011

so be it 1

i walk late with my knife on
like my brother,
download it on ya iphone
this just the world how i see it
can't just be what i be til i be
so be it
just iS, i know that you heard it
take nouns verbs and beats with reverb
shit this hit miss game iS makin me sick
but my sickness iS twisted stuck in the thick
miss, my name iS rooster, do you want some flowers?
oh you don't, well me neither, i really need a shower
it's nower, it's never, the unraveling sweater
better late than severed
heads gon roll if things don't get better
whether ya stuck in the mud
or your head's in the sky
quit askin me questions cause i don't know why
or how
this world got this way
if i say what i say it means i done gone cray
z these be thee stories
of what i do after i quit snoring
boring little ole me
sittin here sippin beer at 6 in the morning
and i don't stay up too late, i can't i won't
and i'd offer you some company but my business went broke
i choke on my words
but you can stroke this bird
untime, untruth, in world of uncare
if it doesn't get ya something it can get ya somewhere
i got a cupboard fulla puns sittin right over there
i'd rather get up and move than sit here and stare
at a computer screen for one more minute
so i rush, you can trust, i'll be finished when i'm finished
sense of self and overall sense of worth
but still speak it to you like a senseless jerk
lil wayne and doctor dre can both get merked
if they put on a badge to match a blue shirt
in my city
where the bikes get stolen and the weather iS shitty
pretty bogged down, hogtied by these cold streets
two words, 4 syllables, fuck the po-lease
all roads lead to home and mine iS saint loser
that's in misery where mysteries stay hid like a tomb
err, history iS written by the winners
but i'm just tryna take ya out for some dinner
i'm thinner than average for a man of such height
but i make up for it with bad moods and poor insight
in fact all these rappers who get stuck in fads
barely free's here to let ya know your moms got fucked by dads
i walk late with my knife on
like my brother
download it to ya iphone
just the world how i see it
can't just be what i be til i be
so be it

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