Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, March 25, 2011

the shit on our chest

i don't, for one second, hear the words they speak
try to find a permanent back for a revolving seat
in a worldwide game of musical chairs
6 million ways to plummet, so have fun somewhere
somehow, some way, we find our paths someday
with some grrl, some boy, on some scheme some ploy
with some world, social world that gives a shit about us
til then, i play it solo, navigate on foot or by bus
no car, not now, unknown
most of my 23 years been in the same home
and that's cool, that's dope, that's tight, just true
it's been good for me, iS it good for you?

iS it good for you? if so, affirm.
cause together, we're better, now let's watch them squirm
watch this burn, watch the last triumph of this pesky worm
the snake, the octopus, some call leviathan
touchin us like dirty uncles everyday we buy in

my rap ain't science, and i already done math
rock tops, cops stop or it's gonna be a bloodbath
make science fiction chaos magick, call me h.p. lovecraft
now it's back to the lab-rynth
some old bags of califa stash and some overdubbed sad synths
my lists are listless, feedback my desires on driftmas
these iS needles in haystacks if you think you can hang, sift
through the muck, the sty, the mess
i'll be cleanin my apartment, my home, my nest
if you think that you think you know me best
this iS for you, let's be out to get shit off our chest

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