Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i slowly choke on my morning emphasis, this stasis,
swelling round the heart, the blood has made its
way up to my tongue and i am tonguing it and loving it
cannot stop the cough, drop me off i will walk
sit me down with a serious talk, i scoff and then i'm off
like coats in springtime in all this meantime i've been
trying to get back to you, but i've lost all that goddam
stuff and have lost all of yr trust and i'm serious,
i've turned to dust at once and then again at dusk
i climbed a hill to look down from it i looked down from
it and could not see you i got higher as high as i could
and thought i saw you, turned around too quickly and fell
off the rocks down into a hellish lot of sticky stones
did not break my bones did not have my bones, not in a bag
nor in my body i was all bloody, bled til i was empty
now i'm swimming around in the muck and the mire
the blood clots at the top of the swamp as i tire
but there is no rest yet to speak of or show, my eyes
are as blue as a baby left naked in the snow i tried to
call from the cavemouth with a cackling crow
no answer, no whistle i guess i'll go home, so now
i'm just flapping in the wind, all skin, no brother, no sister
no kin, just flappin just flappin just skin in the wind
all wet in frivolity all wrung in ambivalence, stimulus
comparable to innocence, i am just a child yet and still
have much to learn from all this but as i choke on my
morning emphasis on the edge of sheets twisted around during
dreams of renaissance the synopsis does not seem all that
different from any other morning, no, it is actually quite
alike to every morning, so thats whats in store for the rest
of this story? just choking just choking just choking just...

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