Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the people walk across the bridge,
the bridge is so thick with people,
you swear from the helicopter video you can almost see the bridge sink,
they are protesters in egypt,
protesting what,
you don't know,
you just know
they are in opposition,
to an order to the way things are or have been
we each attach our own particular meaningforms to that scene,
but the cops are getting beat back
they retreat across the bridge so thick with humans
you think the bridge is sinking,
you wonder,
what it must feel like in that moment to be a cop,
a defeated cop
when every moment of yr career
you are used to winning
and here you are getting beat the fuck back
by a bridge full of angry swarming humans
who hate yr face
who loathe yr existence.

the times are always changing,
change is a misnomer
that things are sometimes the same
that the times are just changing
is to state that flux is an illusion
that stasis exists
that the humans are not always charging down the bridge somewhere,
i acknowledge
that shit sometimes seems staid,
immobile often we are fissures flung across the naked rung of the ladder
heaping ourselves up
in the massive human pile
of motion,
parading down the bridge
beating the cops the fuck back,

you can attach whatever connotations you'd like to that
but we are 6 billion tiny universes of perpetual motion machine pissed at the few who hang power above our heads like dead meat
we are marching down the bridge
it is starting to sag and slowly jut into the air
and they are retreating behind screens of our rage.

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