Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, February 18, 2011


internet connection, phone connection, slow connection
no connection
convictions make convicts and i'm just waiting around for the world to make nonsense
nothing iS true, everything iS permissible
nothing iS allowed,
sincerely yours,
amerikan missles
a whistle, a breath
just enough to not have anything left
swept, under the rug, give me a hug
give that a name
been around long enough to know it's all the same, just change
embrace, erase
pain ain't nothing but an overdose of opium freebase
i seem straight to some, queer to others
just tryin to find rhymes inside my mind for my mother
hands with filth
overstand the guilt
chemical breath, flowers wilt
towers built: babel
power spilt: rabble
dabble in some of this, a little of that
jack-of-all-nohting with no skills but rap
and a cosmic giggle for all the jokes i crack
sit back, play it cool, enjoy the ride
spit black ways to fool tools and toys of pride
upgrade, downgrade
stop!play! now all the pounding in my head's just sounds, gray
the hounds say:
get rich quick, or
get hitched, sick, stay pisspoor
no middleground
i just write it down for people to ignore, i guess
what's best to do iS hit the sky runnin
armsrace to the cosmos, that's highgunnin
no connection

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