Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, January 28, 2011

"a scare from underground"

"in poetry as in life I am for freedom and against slavery...for youth against cops, curfew, school and conscription...for mad love against civilized repression and bourgeois marriage: and for the surrealist revolution against complacency, hypocrisy, cowardice, stupidity, exploitation, opression".
franklin rosemont
"drink up yr blood like wine"
-old folk song

we live in such a terrifying place...

the futureless self drives me through this desolate earthscrape where i am met with no inhibitions, no-thing to even relate to, just the dry drivel of tv rays searing us into some form of former scorched oblivion in the cold nether of january bright-side-despairing we have these days. we have succumbed blatantly to the somewhere is this what we get, we come across nothing and ask for less, merely a compounded sentence of abolished misery, war on such. but where do we go from here? CHILDREN OF THIS SCORCHED & BARREN PLACE, CHILDREN OF THIS SCORCHED & BARREN PLACE...
the melted butt of the rusted chair where i formerly sat and contemplated the WE with disgusting desire, curious through ambivalence as to who or what to reach out to,
Gawd I felt like such an alien in those days,
I could not connect for the life or death of me, and still, when st. louis winds howl across the spines of industrial graveyards, i wax upon the futility of comradeship, Love like God, in the front seat of a '99 saturn four door, how many have sat there, how few we'll know, how if anything to connect, through corridors of experience bleeding into each other, where the sound of lonliness echoes down halls.
I am insecure about phone calls, and being insecure, and somewhat of being, For there are so many definitions of all these things, and such a limited limited playing field.
against the snowy lightposts of st. louis winter 2011 i will be nailed christlike by authorities who want nothing less than to feast upon the blood of the poor,
but my blood is bitter and thin,
it will not sustain them,
the alchemy is improper, and i launch into this tirade full well knowing i might never emerge out the other end.

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