Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

did i miss you?

do i miss more the you
or iS it that image
and if not, where did all these archetypes originate?
or fit in
modify me one aspect of dueling selves:
the anxious perish in the clockless nowever
now masturbation iS just an abstraction because it always happens
now: masturbation iS just an abstraction
cause it always happens to happen

my puffy eye can't see you in the mirror, babe,
but all these urban outfitters models dress like coop
and don't take it too personal, but
just ain't O.G.

where's my no-coastal disaster?
we gon' just play waiting games to please our masters?
stay walled up like all this too-white plaster?
never had a sega, never liked napster

don't speak too soon, we might prove ourselves wrong
don't speak to often, just hum this song
it goes duedue dadue dadue, and off with their heads,
if i didn't write it down, i'd be better off dead
(guess it's better unsaid)

1 comment:

COOP said...

i had a sega. it was the only way i could beat up my brothers:through WWE virtual fighting, okay?

fuck urban outfitters. and myself.