Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

there's never no question of the questioned at an answer like this: i love you

and i haven't been writing cause i've been tirelessly fighting the encognito signs of pressure coming to the cusp of explosion but then just dying

the wind in my eyes makes me cry
the wind in my lungs makes me light
the wind at my back makes the sun right in front just too close to touch then i'm back to the cusp
of dying

where have you been all this time? i do not touch another and think twice. and when i'm alone, i feel just alright. i do not touch another and think twice.

exclamations come exuberant as cornfields at daybreak and i'm already late for the do nothing day sit and wait for another sit and wait cause there's never too little time in a subconsciously diverted state, no time at all, there's no time at all then i look at my clock and 1 missed call there's no time to call back cause there's no time at all

to everyone who's listening this is a nomadic reverie.. click clank switch the tape come back home and rest with me, get back in bed and test what you will on me, reflect the whole sky on me, the stars are projectors i'm a wall of blank poetry ..write upon my body a crooked lettered note with nothing but the spitting image of love diverged and then leave ..leave me a whisper in the lull of my mouth.. i'll sew it shut, i'll never swallow nor spit out because its so damn sweet.. leaves me hunrgy but not empty ..never leave me unless you really want to be with me

there's never an answer to the questionable quest to beget and settle by the end of some sunset..every goddam day there's another sunset waiting for my settlement but its hard to rest on the outskirts of bewilderment, like, goddam, is ever this not the most beautiful of sunsets? so how do i spend the days but with everchanging rays that have really been the same since the day i was named? there is never an answer to the death of all things except to see life springing up from the grave, sunset may you lay to the edge of ocean waves and may i rise up for another day on the other side of that cloud with rain

when you came it was all i had to stay, hold fast to gods of no names but a temple remained and inside this temple there were nothing but graves written with the names of everyone ever saved and on the convexed pillars i scraped deep as i could with a blade "i never was here but it felt like i came" and then you were gone, and then still i stayed with my shins to the cold ground and the sun on my face, hands held open as if god's breasts could be bade but i bid my farewell to the dead in their graves and the savior in thee's place his breasts within my memory to trace back to times when time was space, if you were never here then how come you came?

there never is no question about questing except "does it all end after life goes on living?" so there's never no question to whether quests have an ending cause life ain't stopped yet and the dead are just pending, life ain't stopped yet and the dead are just pending.

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starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

your words pull me into your world... i like the use of repetition, sort of like a twisted waltz <3