Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, October 29, 2010

fuck property (and it's new protector, the image)

i iS not this haircut.
i iS not the keys to this van, this cell phone, the sandwich i just ate
i iS not that guy who screams in that band
i iS not the patches on my clothes
or the fact i've been traveling
i iS not her boyfriend, even though i am
i iS not the person you first laid eyes upon
i iS not better off with fair trade this and organic that
i iS not the wing-shakin, delivery-van drivin, food runnin, grocery baggin, door-to-door sellin, dishwashin, chair-stackin, never-smilin employee you hired
i iS not my college experience and credentials, or lack thereof
i iS not the chicken-suit wearin, eugene hutz-mockin, absinthe-chuggin, 6-in the mornin rock star i was last tuesday
i iS not who i hang out with, barring some fatal turn to nihilism
i iS not the brand of smokes i smoke smoke
those silly shoes
this paint-stained jacket
i iS not that mate', this dread-tail, that goddamn epic beard of last winter
i iS not my jail trips,
my acid trips
my road trips
i iS not jacob quinn boudeleaux cohen
or reverend doctor mason bilderberg
or god
despite what visitors to my flesh suit may claim
i iS not sensitive
or hard
or funny
contrary to the thoughts of cops across the country, i iS not a fagot
i just think some guys iS hot
i iS not my sex life
my past life
my dream life
i iS not my successes or my failures
but i iS not mad at you if you think so
i iS not a poet
a rapper
bananagrams champion
saint louisan
world citizen
worker bee
worker ant
good fuck
or worthy opponent
i iS not what you see in an ad
what you read about in the papers
what you see on the sidewalk
i iS not buying
i iS not selling
i iS not this
i iS not that
i iS not me
i iS not myself
i iS not i
or iS i?
i iS not
i iS
iS iS


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starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

OMG ! bull's eye! you continue to blow my mind...