Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

shadows slink slow, steadily out of the soaked night, honey dripping down the eyes of avenues hungry stare. i have an emotional glazed gaze thinking of all the yous, not you but you, the other you, the new you alternately perplexing and invigorating, calm as a bomb/shell casings litter where i dream of the possibilities of emergency room first dates and twitch at who might read or hear this.
thru the colors of person x's squatted mansions, hues my blues the way blues singers intented when blues was the blues, mowing the person down with my eyes of simple, just, confused too aspirations in the most benign flattering startling ways.

...i started that poem and let it be as i left to get more beers and wish to jerk off visciously but honestly in the bathroom of a s*bucks but i swear i'll be back to finish it sure as sunny summer sticks to the underbellies of books and i still want to hold a BIC flame to the backside of a crisp joint of schwag.
thus, this is how we'll end up.
riding bikes down the sidewalk of perpitude.

...the wratchet set requred putting god back together like some obnoxious steel farting humpty-dumpty.
the ovaries of love forming, left open?
what does this mean (the eager pupil asks)
i don't fuckin know ask yr so active god the haggard proffessor sez.

...i am chronically going sick/crazy and happy
playing lowlife epiphanies
as piano keys,
but not too low.

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