Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

iS or not

i am in a society where lies be written slyly,
try to hide inside while the rams get beaten violently,
we write down rhymes in all sizes,
we, can't see the blue skies but got burgers and fries,
on an endless list of waste sights,
it's no surprise,
we all breathe eat sleep shit and die,
so why,
do we need to hope for guys,
empower the women,
let 'em open minds,
and mine's,
iS a plan for me,
wear no disguise,
unless you need to escape a fed or parole or snakes wit spines,
but wait this ain't a stateless state,
set 'em straight like molotovs and bricks at a rate that iS safe
or break, smash bash, and build a new,
don't re-form the norms of they hate portrayed daily in they news,
the two minute hate view,
how we get from turtle island to such a mistake, few,
own the wealth, let's hit 'em wit stealth, operations of chance,
my chaotic stance breaks sound barriers,
beats pound round my town wit a pertinent character,
embarrassed clerics pray for it to stay hysteric,
we just all puff sacks like derrick, thomas,
stop the drama,
and fuckin respeck ya momma,
let's draw a map of every persona non grata's desires,
we unwelcome in our attire,
til they commodify and bill us double on the gas and dryer,
my stats iS higher,
than my fifth grade math,
rappers, retire, a thirsty burst of the worst rehearsed,
verse after verse of rims shinin on a cursed hearse,
we tired of bein hurt,
burn time and let the last be first,
or not
or not
iS or not
iS or not

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