Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, May 24, 2010

i remember the heat wave as it struck us in denver
we marched all march, some mended, some menders
we spoke ancient languages and read our own scriptures
smile never so bright as sun-rise-silver-falls-pictures
man, i had a 3 hour shower with beauty herself
and we began to hold hands, rich with mindful wealth
ain't all good, stuck out on the shoulder in a storm
until it iS, nights become days become play with no form
avoid norms, but sometimes we fall right back in
until embrace iS safe in its place, then we send
pics as postcards from bayview to loved others
chillin in hot springs with sisters and real brothers
chords struck hittin up stores for free stuff
potlucks, we ate more than enough
we lucked out, we planned, and aborted the plan
it's broke, it's fixed, it's still broke, that damn tan van
ran around the park with conscious kids and played ball
salmon river, what a trip we gave all
there was to give
and then some
together, not alone all-one
another spiritual journey chalked up to father sky
experience mother earth as she iS, so fly
do we travel
seems like such a battle
but it's a privilege we're endowed with
we straddle
state lines like some straight free range cattle
it's for wyoming hill climbin, about 6 snow feet deep
blessing houses breweries and foundries with our poerty
you know that we
also felt the need to take it to the streets
dying little deaths living life, screaming fuck the police
released our expression
city-to-city, session-to-session
rewriting our stories, teaching and learning lessons
i seen family, strangers and friends new and old
and i speak it to you now
this iS my truth told

we smoked too much, we drank and enjoyed the spirits
we camped out in the van, so silent you could hear it
we did whatever it was that we had to do
this iS for you-you-you, you and you
"this shit right here" iS for you-you-you, you and you

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