Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

system failure

a good line comes to mind and i
sleep it off
should time define thy's life?
i decline, i keep it off
amer-icons livin in the dark leave the night on
i pass some bashed glass and gasp, so right on
chessboard world, kings-queens, knights, pawns
find a mate with checks and balances
or stay placed in plastic fallacies
solely live off petroleum
hydrocarbon in the food
from monsanto's bleak soil
and we've reached peak oil
civilization, so crude
with puritan values, our minds iS so prude
suppressed sexuality, reality of apathetic attitudes
and moods
more than some bullshit campagin
we're on a one-way ticket packed tight on the same damn train
a camp
we feed on food stamps
thinkin it will keep us sane
and it may
until the day where they pull a trick play
the lights start to flicker
some leave
some stay
some break into panic
depressive-manics so sad at the loss of their internet romantics
the city iS frantic
an unsustainable endeavor
think i just bring it up because it sounds so clever?
got plans for better
a new life, embrace the choas of iS
live off the land and raise conscious kids
compost the waste and not rely on the sewers
this bullshit system done turned our mind to computers
yeah this bullshit system done turned our minds to computers
machines twitchin missin endless updates and renewals
don't let this twisted bullshit system turn your minds to computers

it's important to note
what's important to you
do what you do
live free
and love what iS to you, what's true

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