Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the day is a wandering herd of worms into rock solid intentions but nothiong to eat of,the nights are best to be forgotten unless the wood we burn should mean something, CARDINAL? what little meaning, little, very little meaning there is when you dont mean anything you say but Christ, doesnt the fact that we can speak at all mean something? it means nothing because the dandelions take care of themselves, thats why people dont really like them i can pick them to see you smile or pick them for the fucking hell of yellow its the best goddam color 'cept it burns the green that got me forgetting that got me going round in circles about a crucifix burning in the ashes of all other prophets i was melting but yr bones were sharp as daggers at my brow people used to be so sweaty, you never sweat at all, the trees in this one photograph melted above the river and oozed inside my eyelids, the bottoms of my boots melted at the edge of a fire and i still wear them as to remember that i never did acid how will i ever remember the most important thing you said to me or i said to you, i wont, i do, i cant, i am in love with you, i dont know what it is to hurt but i give up to it like the open mouths of lions i wanted them to eat me EAT ME LIONS! so they started at my eyeballs by the time their teeth were sinking into my feet i was happy by the time i was in the belly i was rolling around laughing a belly aint so bad to thrive on a baby aint so bad to carry we all fit nicely in each others arms so why am i clenching my fists in the sticky mist of blood and sweat alone
in the face of god there is a wrinkle i live in it i am sweat rolling off the backs of the fatherless i am the coming that never had a first coming so yeah, i never came and cunt is just another word for fool and the fact that i have almost forgotten that sweet salty thing makes the sadness of our kissing so satisfying where are my hands? i look and they are dirty, i touch you they are disposed of with a sigh and a chuckle at the bottom of a cup of water theres a curtain its half open gona rip it down and cloak my trembling body until you touch my face theres a sun outside burning the cycle but not to flames, just hot,hot,hot, so we cant live really, but we wont die really, we died, really and the gravedigger's comin up around the corner to shake our hands and give us a shovel on the head for the life we did not live noone expected us to make it anyway, cover the dirt with grass or barbed wire to scare the neighbors yeah i made a garden, yeah its really a prison for live rabbits and a graveyard for my accomplishments. yes i am a prisoner and there is nothing like climbing up something for the sake of jumping off it but i'm stuck so i guess it was really about the climb after all when i finally land on my head of thorns cardinals will sing me to sleep and youll finish decomposing i'll wake up with bruised knees and a wounded perspective but the ghosts will keep me grounded less we all grow wings and fly into electric wires, YOUR'E ALIVE!
do you remember? i asked you a question while you were asleep, what was the answer i cannot tell you that love, do you remember?
its not so important im in love with you when we're asleep
i hate you when you leave

no, i dont remember anything,so kiss me, lock the door behind yrself, i'll unlock it behind myself leave for good and hope it all burns down before you get back